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Taylor Life Center


A division of Consumer Services, Inc., Taylor Life Center is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Mason, Michigan that offers mental health support services across the state. We strive to help individuals, children, and families who experience mental health symptoms, developmental disabilities, and/or issues with substance use or other emotional issues. Please read for more information about how we can help you or someone you know.




We provide evidence-based individual and group therapies, as well as a variety of other services to meet the needs of individuals, children, couples, or families from ages three and up.

Our case management services are for consumers with a serious mental illness or developmental disability who need more help accessing proper treatment, assistance programs, and other necessary resources. 

Individuals who need more support for their behavioral or mental health concerns may receive further help through medication prescribed and monitored by one of our psychiatrists.

Individuals who cannot come into our offices may request additional information on virtual appointments from their provider. 

Our outpatient locations close on all federally recognized holidays to allow our team members to enjoy time with their family. Please read our complete list of closing dates and exceptions. 

We provide services to individuals and families throughout Michigan. Find a location near you!