Psychiatrist (Part-Time Contractual)

The individual who fills this position demonstrates that he or she is capable of carrying out the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Diagnose consumer(s) by using DSM 5 and other standardized diagnostic tools focusing on symptom resolution, crisis planning, and improvement of functioning and quality of life through use of evidence based practices, treatment modalities, and interventions.
  • Assess consumer’s immediate functional impairments, including psychosocial and bio-psychosocial information using standardized assessment tools and evaluations.
  • Treat and prescribe as medically necessary to consumer(s) through:
    • Performance of psychiatric evaluation(s)
    • Completion of medication reviews at least quarterly to prescribe medications (if necessary) to consumer(s) to assist in controlling symptoms and educate consumer(s) on the effects of the medications, possible side effects, and desired results. Adjust medications if necessary.
  • Upholds coordination of care principles:
    • Obtaining other needed treatment and resources
    • Making referrals as needed
    • Coordinating with other treatment professionals, such as Primary Care Physicians, Therapist and Case Managers.
  • Monitors progress toward treatment goals by evaluating progress on a regular basis and adjusting treatment as needed.
    • Educate family members and/or or guardians by advising on the most appropriate and helpful roles they can fulfill in the treatment process; treating relationship issues with appropriate consents and releases of information.
  • Maintain patient records by following protocols; adhering to timeliness; entering and updating data; maintaining case history and progress notes; prepare clinical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing patient data and trends.
  • Oversee the psychiatric services provided to consumers of CSI’s Medication Clinic, Outpatient Clinic, and Case Management Program, which may include a co-signature of consumer record(s) as required by third party payers, regulatory agencies, and/or license requirements.
    • Provide consultation for difficult cases as requested
  • Collaborate and supervise nurse practitioners as required to include:
    • Review and/or sign consumer file(s) as necessary
    • Prescribe Class II medications for nurse practitioner(s) as necessary
    • Provide consultation for difficult cases as requested and/or necessary
  • Maintain relationships with pharmaceutical representatives to ensure current knowledge of new medications and to maintain an ongoing supply of sample medications
  • Collaborate with Psychiatric Clinic Coordinator, Program Director, or the Human Resource Department of any concerns or any medical leadership guidance that is needed to ensure standards are met for quality performance improvement, utilization management, and/or compliance with regulatory standards.

Essential Work Requirements:

  • Adhere to terms of contract
  • Adhere to Recipient Rights and confidentiality standards at all times
  • Adhere to all Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc.’s policies and procedures
  • Adhere to CARF accreditation standards
  • Adhere to federal, state, and local requirements

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Possess a doctorate degree in Medicine from an accredited medical school with a specialization in Psychiatry.
  • Maintain credentials and certifications as required by contract agency and State Medical Board.
  • Maintain relationships with pharmaceutical representatives to ensure current knowledge of new medications and to maintain an ongoing supply of sample medications.
  • Working telephone
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Pass all regulatory checks

To Submit Your Resume:

  • Click the following link Submit Resume or
  • Fax to Human Resources at (810) 234-0941
Job Location: 

Flint, Michigan